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Admit how you feel. Powerful faces are watching your every move. Push the boundaries, the impossible becomes possible. LOVE: Past loves come to mind and decisions you make in January are set to change the course of your entire life. WORK: Education is well starred and this would be an excellent time in your life to fill in those missing blanks, even if it means paying for courses yourself.

Mars will bring you all the apologies required plus more from January. Take a chance. Destiny is waiting this year. Dress well in June especially please, for first good impressions and amazing opportunities. LOVE: Time out on your own recently has given you vital answers in love. LOVE: Acting on impulse in love, could in fact be your downfall.

Take romance slowly this year, it will ensure you find out all and not just some of the facts. FAMILY: Disagreements with an in-law may have caused you upset at the end of , but prepare for the arrival of much-needed entente cordiale as bridges are built. I certainly think so and Mercury obviously agrees by the forced changes coming by the end of January. LOVE: Neptune brings you answers to romantic dilemmas, all you have to do now is admit what and who you really want.

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The sooner the better. WORK: Doing the work of others is getting you recognition from those with power. HEALTH: Making a schedule which allows you some time for yourself is sure to improve the lives of you and those around. Venus favours new hobbies which lead to love this year. About time!


WORK: Contracts are worth backing up with legalities, even if it means you have to pay for it. January brings an opportunity of a lifetime. Time you did so, and before February too Aquarius. LOVE: Seduction is written in the stars for you this year my friend. WORK: A new string to your bow which you recently added can help you to replenish those ever dwindling funds and make this year a more enjoyable one. Trusting their judgement can earn you a new friend for life.

Make yourself a priority. Personal rewards in February are plentiful if you do. By Susan Lee. What will the New Year have in store for you?

Aries October 2019 Astrology It's Your Time To Shine & Take the LEAD!

Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for the purpose of sending you newsletters. With the Sun moving through your twelfth house of subconscious and endings, your need for privacy takes priority. Even if your social life is already dialled back, this week you crave more solitude. This is your annual time of healing, as you prepare for a new birthday season. So take a break, while you can.

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Current relationships climb to a new level of intensity. New romance also looks to have a reassuringly long warranty. Even on a platonic note, you can expect to meet fascinating new friends. Just when you need help, along comes a planetary ally or two. Not a moment too soon. There are, however, some conditions. Except perhaps, financially. For now, throw hard earned cash into a locked vault.

Advertise your availability and you should be showered with romantic reciprocation. For some, new love simply happens; while others are tempted to rekindle an old flame. New friendships could also be forged.

Agony Aunts

This week, health, wealth and career all benefit from a planetary thumbs up. Enjoy it while you can. This week asks that you resolve any emotional issues.

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Nonetheless, forgiveness of both yourself and others can only lead to peace of mind. Ever been struck by love at first sight? Whatever the case, someone new holds the promise of staying very special. Her worldwide following includes horoscope features for many national and international publications.