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Fortune favors the brave! Friday to Sunday positive energy and clarity make you feel more comfortable and confident being yourself.

Taurus Love Weekly Horoscope, Taurus Love this week

If you have to work you will be able to focus on the job with ambitious energy and do it well. If you want to relax you will be able to without feeling you should be doing something else.

Relationships in your private, social and professional life should be pleasant and relatively stress-free. The Page of Swords can sometimes stand-in for a literal person in our lives. If so, in this case, the page will represent a person who is younger than you, who is likely to have light-colored hair.


Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

A message may be coming that may not be what you were hoping to hear. You may be trying too hard, pushing too fast, or in general stepping on the toes of others. You may need to study the body language of others, and consider how well you do or do not accept constructive criticism from others.


But on long run , you may get annoyed with his obsessive and prominent selfish behavior. Scorpions will be a perfect match for you with a fantastic sex life.

  • a weekly love horoscope for taurus;
  • Weekly Love and Romance Horoscope?
  • Taurus Love Life Forecast.

You may be possessive and jealous towards each other. There will be enough compatibility to keep you committed lifelong.

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    You are a person of two contrasting behavior. Inside you may be a raging bull but outside you may look to be more contented and patience. Being earth goddess among all zodiac, you are monogamous and sensuous.

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    You tend to be more happy when all your sexual needs get satisfied, if not you become stoical. Though you extremely love him there is a chance that you may drive your partner by suffocating them.

    If you can give time and space to your partner, he will stay with you forever and ever. Beginnings are not your preference at all. In fact, you avoid them.

    Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope – Spirit Navigator

    You take it to heart. But if your Taurus weekly horoscope suggests a romantic week, this is your lucky opportunity. Go out to that art gallery opening—and smile. Grab a drink with a friend, so you can meet some prospects.


    Focus on the now, but do it when the energy is propitious. Skip to content. Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope.