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For your steadfast love is great to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.


Be exalted, O God, above the heavens! Let your glory be over all the earth! Just a giggle - no offense meant.

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You can certainly save yourself some grief by doing this if you feel you might be interested in a long-term relationship. You can just type his name into your browser and come up with his most interesting site. Yes, I've used his services and found him to be quite competent. I love watching movies that when the actors and actresses can pull it off I feel there are ones that I tend to sheild myself more than others learned from past experiences in life. Boils down to we each have our quirks and appealing sides.

What are we willing to give and what do we expect. Thanks for providing some more insight on things.

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Of course you've now given me more homework. However, being compatible with one goes into a more in-depth equation. You may want to check out a few astrological sites such as astro. Be sure to have the correct time and birthplace. Again, these factors show you the possibilities of courtship--you'll still be required to delve below the surface of the core.

Taurus is compatible with Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces.

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Gemini is more suited to Leo, Aries, Aquarius and Libra. Cancer is better with Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus. Your opposite sign, the one less likely to be compatible with is the sign six months opposite your birth date. How can we lift each other up where our signs intertwine or swirl. Any advice is good advice, thank you to all that post I am no guru but I have invested an inordinate amount of time and energy into discovering exactly how these things manifest themselves.

What you all must realize is that a compatibility only increases the chances that a relationship can work it doesn't ensure anything. The horoscope for Taurus today was fairly indicative of what would help as a first step: Be positive. If you are positive about your life and live to make yourself happy without infringing on others happiness you will be successful. Be truly altruistic. Give without expecting to recieve. Rebuke the demon of selfishness and simply exist to celebrate life. Love is a process that begins with you loving yourself and exuding not projecting that aura outward.

Think about it, you can actually tell when someone is happy situation by situation. Think of the last time you saw a couple in love and the look on their faces. It may not have lasted but try to exist in that moment and you will have captured a snapshot of what compassion "looks" like. Or by using the old adage: "As you sow, so you shall reap! Shrewd and good homemaker. But they can also be over-emotional, over-sensative, moody and indulging in self pity. Easily faltered and untidy. Lover: Don't get involved. Wife: He is forceful. Good if you are content on being a wife only.

With Taurus - Friend: He likes you to ask him for dinner at your place. Lover: Okay at first, but takes you for granted. Wife: Good. Both like kids and a nice home life. With Gemini - Friend: He'll keep you entertained. Lover: He is better than you had thought. Wife: He likes kids, but he is not the family man. With Cancer - Friend: Very close friendship. Lover: Good combination.

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Wife: Good thing you are similar, because he likes to run the house. With Leo - Friend: He wants a fun companion. Lover: He wants you to tell him how terrific he is. He is good. Wife: If you want to stay at home like the little mother, it will be beaut. With Virgo - Friend: You'll have to keep it platonic. Lover: Hard to follow, but he can be quite good. Wife: This could work ideally.

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With Libra - Friend: He'll pay you plenty of attention. Lover: You would have to take the lead. Wife: He is very kind, keep him happy and it will be nice. With Scorpio - Friend: He is a bit of a puzzle. Lover: He is the most lovable or the most disgusting. Wife: He expects the world of you. With Sagittarius - Friend: Like ships that pass in the night. Lover: He likes to make a trophy out of you. Wife: Let him be the boss, and it will work okay.

With Capricorn - Friend: He might be too much to handle for you. Lover: If you can break the first barrier, he'll be good. Wife: He has conservative ideas, he'll be a good father, who demands respect. With Aquarius - Friend: Not much common ground. Lover: Not the lover type, it's with him.

Wife: You won't lack material things, but emotional, nil. With Pisces - Friend: Quite good, but try to be open. Lover: He puts you on a pedestal, so you'll have to come down from there and show him you're flesh and blood.


Wife: He is a bit weak, you have to make pleanty of decisions. So, if you follow these guidelines, you may still have to be careful about your choice of partner, before you are prepared to show your full hand of cards in the Love match game. But, remember it's always going to be your choice, because that is what life is all about, choices, your choices. You will have to know your correct birth place and time for yourself and the other person.

Hope this helps! I am on the cust of Aries, Taurus, April 20th. Can anyone tell me anything? Some of the cold sores and other impurities of the skin may clear up in time for you to have a fair complexion by the middle of the month. You need this because prince charming comes charging into your life, so don't go messing around with some chump or chimp before that time. After the ball is over, you can give your passionate nature free rein and you can let the bed linen crackle with your ecstatic electricity.

Lotto Numbers: 9. Some of your past indiscretions will come knocking on your door, some may even want to knock you on the nose.

ARIES WEEKLY LOVE TAROT " It was always meant to be😍😁" July 7 - July 14th 2019