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There is conspiracy or you may be the victim of cheating and deceit, and want to hit back.

You are revengeful. Analyze and introspect, perhaps you too may be at faults. Cool down, that is the better way to deal with adversity. Personality disturbance, fear, anxiety could give you low energy.

There are hidden forces at play that may unravel your success. Enemies are active and could harm you. Illusions and imagination could keep you away from the harsh reality. Let go of your mental blocks and allow your intuition to guide you. Take out time for meditation and relaxation.

You are filled with unbounded energy and plenty of opportunities to make money today, put both in creative pursuits.

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Else you waste it in petty matters, and you shall only have yourself to blame if you cannot handle the opportunities being thrown at you. Avoid haste, jealousy and arguments, as these are complimentary to failure only. Stay focused, be content rather than let the opportunities slipping away.

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You may spend your day in weaving stories, far away from reality. There is a wakeup call for you to come out from fool paradise.

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Remember illusions, and delusions lead nowhere. You need to be practical and grounded to achieve your goals in life. You feel attached and see a person as a life partner in your life for long. Now is the time your dream comes true. Your marriage date may be fixed.

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You have a sense of self worth and the strength to take some decisions that may not be easy to take otherwise. You are cheerful, enthusiastic and share great bonding with the loved one. Romance is in the air, you may propose, go for dating, cook sumptuous food, send a bouquet or just coolly watch a romantic movie at home.

Those who are looking for love; this is the right time when they can make the right choice and a suitable person may enter in their life. You need to resolve urgent matters first at the workplace before taking up the other projects.

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